Successful delivery two ships ETA & SPM equipment

September 8, 2021

Latest company news about Successful delivery two ships ETA & SPM equipment

Today we successfully delivered 2 ship full sets Emergency towing system and single point mooring equipment for two ships in Dalian Shipyard. They are DNV class approval. We won the bid for total 10 ships, these 2 is the first two ships in the 10 sister ships. We always deliver not only our good quality equipment but also full support to shipowner for the spare parts to satisfy them for the after sales service. That’s one of the reasons that both owner and shipyard choose as long time cooperation partner.


Hull Number Description Type and Model Quantity

97# & 98#
Strong point YT2000-A-03 1×2
Storage Winch Drum YT2000-A-04 1×2
Storage box YT2000-A-05 1×2
Chain Stopper YT3500-F-01 2×2
Chock YT3500-F-02 2×2
Strong point pillar 241HT202.02.00 1×2
Stopper plate 241HT202.04.00 1×2