Split Barge Bottom Door Hydraulic Power Unit

Split Barge Bottom Door Hydraulic Power Unit

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Zhongyuan
Certification: CCS, NK, BV, ABS, DNV-GL, LR, KR, IRS, RS, RINA, Makers Test Certificate, Etc.
Model Number: Standard and Customized

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: As per quotation
Packaging Details: Pallet or Customized
Delivery Time: As per offer
Payment Terms: TT, L/C, Etc.
Supply Ability: Satisfy clients needs
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Detail Information

Class Certificate: CCS, NK, BV, ABS, DNV-GL, LR, KR, IRS, RS, RINA, Etc Working Pressure: 32MPa,maximum 42MPa
Installed Power: 22 KW
High Light:

22kw hydraulic power pack system


32MPa hydraulic power pack system


30hp hydraulic pack unit

Product Description

Split Barge Bottom Door Hydraulic Power Unit



The split barge bottom door hydraulic power unit is used to drive open-body cylinder and other special-purpose hydraulic cylinders. This hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic pump, control valve group, differential valve group, hydraulic oil cylinder pressure maintaining valve group, hydraulic oil cylinder overload valve group, hydraulic oil cylinder, etc. In order to ensure that the technical performance and functions of the oil cylinder can achieve the best results, the system is controlled by an open constant power pump, and the key components are imported valves. The system mainly consists of two (one working, one standby) 11kW motor driven hydraulic pump to provide pressure oil, and the corresponding hydraulic control valve drives the cylinder to open and close the body. In addition, the cylinders are equipped with valve blocks for pressure holding, overload, differential and anti-cavitation.


Main Technical Specifications:

Class Certificate: CCS, NK, BV, ABS, DNV-GL, LR, KR, IRS, RS, RINA, Etc.

1. The working pressure of the hydraulic system is about 32MPa, and the maximum pressure is set to 42MPa.

2. The fuel tank has a capacity of 1500 liters.

The total installed power of the system is approximately 22 kW.

3. The main pressure parameters of each cylinder

  Cylinder design pressure working pressure
3.1 Open body cylinder 42MPa 32MPa


4. Calculation

2. Hydraulic system supply content (one set of ship)

1) Hydraulic power station, including:

1.1 One main fuel tank assembly, 1500L, including:

a) Liquid level gauges, oil temperature gauges, air filters, heaters, etc.;

b) The return oil filter has clogging display and alarm;

c) High temperature alarm, liquid level alarm;

1.2 Motor pump set + pressure control valve set (2x11kW motor + 20YC pump) 2 sets

2) Control valve group, control the following actuator actions:

2.1 Open body cylinder 2

All intermediate pipeline steel pipes and connecting hoses shall be provided by the manufacturer with technical specifications provided by the shipyard.


The list of hydraulic system components is as follows:

S/N Quantity name model place of origin
1 - Main fuel tank group    
1.01 1 1500-liter carbon steel fuel tank L-1 500 Shanghai
1.02 1 Fuel tank cap AB40-19/580A-AL/M China
1.03 1 Oil level indicator AB31-23/C1950 dawn
1.04 2 Shut-off valve KHNVN-G2-2233 China
1.05 1 air filter ELFP5G10W4.X dawn
1.06 1 Heater AB32-10/3D380 China
1.07 1 Level Switch AB31-04/1200 In country
1.08 1 Oil temperature switch AB31-14/3-1A2A3A-Z6 In country
1.09 1 Shut-off valve ABZAS-125-016-GP-1X/M In country
1.10 1 Ball valve KHNVN-G3/4-2233-12X with limit switch China
1.11 1 Shut-off valve ABZAS-125-016-GP-1X/M China
1.12 1 Junction box   China
2 - Main hydraulic pump unit    
2.01 2 Motor 11kW, 380V, 50Hz,. 1 50 0 RPM South Anhui
2.02 2 Hydraulic pump 20YC14-1B Power source
2.03 2 Bell cover   China
2.04 2 Coupling   China
2.05 8 Suspension feet AB33-11/D4-60 China
2.06 2 Elastic joint AB22-31/125-16NM China
2.07 4 Hose Pilot main L=800mm Italy
2.08 3 Hose Drain main L=500mm Italy
2.09 3 Hose Pressure main L=800mm Italy
2.10 3 Hose Suction L=500mm Italy
2.11 3 Hose Pressure L=500mm Italy
3 - Main control valve group    
3.01 1 Valve block Z D25-Exxx Shanghai
3.02 1 Relief valve DB 30-2-5 X/315X United States
3.03 1 Reversing valve 4WE 6 H6X/EG24N9K4 United States
3.04 1 Check valve S 52 P2-1X/ United States
3.05 1 Pressure gauge and hose 0-400bar, 63mm Germany
3.06 1 Shut-off valve DV-08-01.X/0 Germany
3.07 1 Pressure Sensor HM17-1X/250-C/V0/0 United States
3.08 1 Relief valve DBDS 6 K1X/100 Germany
3.09 1 Pressure gauge and hose 0- 400 bar, 63mm Zeshang
3.10 1 Accumulator SB330-XXA1/112U-330A United States
3.11 1 Pressure Switch HED 1 OA4X/350 Zeshang
3.12 1 Reversing valve H-4WEH 25 J6X/6EG24N9ETK4 Zeshang
3.13 1 Check valve M-SR 30 KE05-1X/ China
3.14 1 Pressure gauge and hose 0-250bar, 63mm China
3.15 1 Junction box   Shanghai
4 - Return oil filter    
4.01 2 Check valve S 52 F2-1X/ China
4.02 2 Shut-off valve ABZAS-100-016-G-1X/M China
4.03 1 Return oil filter RFLDBN/HC50CAT10D1.X/-L24 dawn
5 - Cylinder valve group    
5.01 1 Valve block MD25-Exxx Shanghai
5.02 1 Solenoid ball valve 4WEH XX J4X/6EG24N9ETK4 Germany
5.03 1 Safety valve RDDA-LAN United States


3 the main configuration parameters of the system

Fuel tank capacity: 1500 liters

Total installed power: about 22kW

Supply voltage: 400V x 50Hz

Main pump configuration: 2 constant power controlled axial piston variable pumps

Motor 11kW, 400V, 50Hz, 1450RPM, IP55, Class F.

(2 units work)

Solenoid valve voltage: DC voltage 24V

Four, control cylinder specifications

1) Open body cylinder: 2

Model: FS118 480/200-1850 single rod double acting cylinder

Design pressure: 32 MPa

Test pressure: 42MPa

Installation method: earring connection at both ends, with joint bearing

Piston rod surface treatment: quenching and tempering treatment, double-layer electroplating

Piston rod sheath protection. The rubber sleeve is sand-proof, oil-resistant, alkali-resistant, and acid-resistant, and the effective use period is not less than 4 years

Seal works underwater


1. The interface flanges or pipe joints of the components or assemblies on the hydraulic system are all provided by the shipyard.

2. The steel pipes, hoses, flanges, pipe joints or other pipe fittings on the hydraulic system pipelines are all provided by the shipyard.

3. The cables, special cables or other cable accessories on the electrical system pipelines are all provided by the shipyard.

4. The electrical starting and control system must be provided by an electrical system supplier with past performance experience

5. The piping flushing and pressure test equipment are provided by the shipyard,



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